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Elijah seen the little boy crying out for help and thought all about the little boy teasing and laughing at him so he returned the favor. “Ha! Ha! look at who’s the baby now,” Elijah said. The little boy cried even more and at that moment something came over Elijah; he started feeling sorry and guilty about being so mean to the boy he walked over to help the little boy up. The little boy said, “thank you so much. My name is Josh and I’m sorry for being so mean to you.” Elijah turned to the boy and said, “Well, I really didn’t have it in me to be so mean but now that your ok I think it’s time for me to get going.” Josh stopped Elijah, “Hey there Elijah did you still want to play?” Elijah looked at Josh and said, “that is all I wanted to do.” Elijah and Josh walked down towards the park and Elijah,

A. Forgives Josh and play with him

B. Tell Josh he is fine

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